What is a T1?

A T1 is a transit document used to transport goods from the customs office at the place of departure to the customs office at the destination without paying customs duties and taxes within the territories of the countries included in the transit agreement.
Examples of when a T1 document is used.
A shipment sent from the United States to Finland arriving by air at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. If the Finnish consignee is not ready for import clearance, we issue a T1 and collect the shipment from the airport and keep it at our customs bonded warehouse. The customs bonded warehouse closes the T1 document.
A shipment sent from China arriving by sea in Finland at the port of Helsinki where the final consignee is in Russia. We collect the shipment by truck and make a T1 document that is for the Finnish-Russian border. Customs authorities close the T1 document at the border.
A shipment sent from Russia to Germany by road. We do all of the export formalities in Russia and issue a T1 at the Finnish-Russian border. The T1 indicates a customs office destination in Germany. In Germany, your forwarder (or our partner) can close the T1 document and can do all import formalities.