Looking for our VAT number?

Our VAT number is: FI23199454 but please read the information below!

European companies selling goods to the Russian market commonly misunderstand indirect export. A typical mistake is: "if we send goods to Finland, we must indicate the consignee's VAT number". In fact companies send/sell goods to Russia, but the shipment goes via our consolidation warehouse in Finland. So it's not intra-community supply! For such deliveries the official term is indirect export. Please read more in English here
What should we do if we send goods to Russia via Finland? Your solution is a normal export declaration. A closed export declaration proves to your tax authorities that the goods passed the EU border and that you have the right to sell them without VAT.
Please note that our company F1 Express Oy is not a trading company. We only offer logistics services. We only buy goods for our company needs, not for resale. Only our service and goods suppliers receive payments from our Finnish bank account. The payee is F1 Express Oy.
Please note that we receive regular information about companies that indicated sales to our VAT number. We send every illegal use of our VAT number to the Finnish tax authorities!